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Health & Safety is the most important part of every project. Our programs are designed to promote a culture of ZERO At Risk Behavior.

Sevenson recognizes the fundamental importance of safety and health to company operations, employees, onsite personnel, clients, local communities, and the environment. To maintain the highest safety standards, Sevenson implements a behavior-based safety system known as a Job Safety Enhancement Program (JSEP). The three keys to a successful JSEP are education, identification, and participation. JSEP incorporates proven procedures for integrating safety into every facet of Sevenson’s operations. To effectively manage safety and health issues associated with site activities, a site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP) is prepared by Sevenson’s Director of Health and Safety, Paul Jung, CIH, CSP. The HASPs are administered and implemented by Sevenson’s experienced site safety and health officers, and enforced by the site superintendent.

3 Year Health & Safety Statistics
Year Recordable TRIR Lost Time LTIR Manhours
2021 8 1.32 2 0.33 1,214,168
2020 7 1.27 2 0.36 1,100,070
2019 10 1.93 2 0.39 1,037,483
Experience Modification Rate
2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023
0.62 0.68 0.70

We are committed to maintaining health and safety and believe that safety is always “the right thing to do.”

Sevenson is fully committed to fulfilling its responsibility to protect the health and safety of company personnel, and the public. To uphold this commitment to occupational health and safety, Sevenson emphasizes the following:


  • Adhering to the doctrine that all accidents and incidences are preventable

  • Strictly complying with Sevenson, Client, and OSHA safety programs, policies, procedures, and regulations

  • Continually working to improve the corporate safety and health program

  • Maintaining the philosophy that each and every day safety is the first and foremost responsibility of everyone

  • Obtaining employee “buy in” for the health and safety program, empowering personnel, and creating awareness that everyone is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment

  • Achieving a project goal of zero injuries, illnesses, environmental releases, and incidences by eliminating at-risk behaviors through task observation, coaching, and education

Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. has successfully renewed their Gold Shovel Standard Certification. Gold Shovel Standard Certification is a widely-recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement. Excavators within Gold Shovel Standard rely on Gold Shovel Standard technology to measure safety and efficacy and are able to present hard data to support their reputation.

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