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Carmelo Melendez
DOE Legacy Management

“A team is only as good as all its parts and as our General Contractor you have done an incredible job executing our project.”

…. “The past year has been challenging for the Nation and the World. Most of the nation had a stoppage of work, and supplies and services were extremely difficult to procure. COVID health and safety restrictions were problematic, but somehow our DuPont Chambers Works project continued to move forward. The United States Army Corps 2021 Project Delivery Team (PDT) of the Year Award for Excellence for the DuPont Chambers Works FUSRAP Project, is truly a testament to the outstanding support and collaborative efforts of the Sevenson team. This award and the achievements that led to it have enhanced the reputation of Sevenson, the Philadelphia District, North Atlantic Division and the FUSRAP program. It is a great foundation for continued project success and nearly 1000 days without a lost time accident at this site is a great success by itself.”
LTC Ramon Brigantti,
Commanding Officer of USACE Philadelphia


Marc B. Okin, CPG
Remediation and Due Diligence Manager
NiSource, Inc.

…Sevenson was retained by the Shaffer Landfill Remediation Trust to implement the capping remedy at the Shaffer Landfill (Iron Horse Park OU-2) in Billerica, Massachusetts. The landfill is located in a community deeply concerned with the potential short-term impacts associated with the implementation of the remedy (truck traffic, noise, and odors). The project was challenging in that an exceptionally large amount of imported material was required. Sevenson’s proactive planning, and aggressive approach to traffic management, and noise and odor controls resulted in a smooth execution with no community complaints. Sevenson worked collaboratively with the project team members (Engineer-of-Record, Independent Quality Assurance Team, EPA Oversight contractor) and overall performed exceptionally well.
Thor Helgason,
Shaffer Landfill Remediation Trust Project Coordinator

Sevenson delivered the complex Bayou d’Inde/Lower Canal sediment remediation project on time, on budget, and most importantly safely. As the work progressed over the two year period, the project truly became a team effort. Sevenson and its staff were a class act to work with.

Anchor QEA LLC
Wendell Mears, Bayou d’Inde/Lower Canal Sediment Remediation

I can’t say enough for the job that Sevenson did over these last 10 years. Technically Sevenson was our subcontractor, but for the day-to-day running of the construction project and working through the design plan details they were a true equal team partner. Sevenson proved steady in many trying times over the years with issues ranging from regulatory, construction, the weather and more, and always kept the ultimate goal in mind, finding ways to proceed in a productive and efficient manner. Sevenson’s group were true professionals and are great to work with. I would work with them anytime, anywhere.

Michael F. Savage, P.E. Kress Creek and the West Branch
of the DuPage River

“…As the United States Environmental Protection Agency project manager, it is my responsibility to task the Army Corps of Engineers to perform environmental response activities at the Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Superfund (CDE) site. The Army Corps of Engineers then directs the contractor (Sevenson Environmental Services) to execute the work. Within the context of this working relationship, I provide the following recommendation for Sevenson at the CDE site.”

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Sevenson since January 2011. The intrusive nature of the remediation at the CDE site has been a concern for EPA, local residents, commercial property owners and tenants, as well as elected officials.”

“…has demonstrated an outstanding ability to work in a positive and constructive manner with all interested parties which has been critical to the success of this project.”

“…has employed strong leadership and communication skills necessary to provide effective direction to multiple remediation crews deployed throughout the community.”

“…the high quality results of the environmental remediation and restoration work performed at the site.”

“On repeated occasions, EPA personnel have received positive comments and praise from residents within the affected community concerning the high quality of Sevenson’s work.”

United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2
Diego Garcia, Project Manager Cornell Dubilier-Electronic Superfund Site

Successful completion of this project was critical to our client in meeting their regulatory obligations and as a Project Manager, I understand the significant technical challenges that Sevenson had to address due to the aggressive schedule and complexity of the site.

Sevenson not only met the required project schedule but completed all of the work within the original contract budget with no change orders. I believe this result was a reflection of the outstanding communication and project management that Sevenson dedicated to the project and your flexibility and willingness to work with us and our client to overcome unforeseen conditions.

I would like to recognize the professionalism, responsiveness, great attitude and cooperative spirit demonstrated by your entire team.

Golder Associates
Patrick T. Martin, P.E., BCEE SNPE – Vandemark Chemical Creek Bank Corrective Measures Project

“In addition to an excellent safety record for the project, all health, safety, and environmental aspects of the projects went without issue – no odor/dust complaints, compliant wastewater performance, no regulatory agency issues. The project drew good comments from USEPA and ACOE during weekly regulatory meetings and site walk-throughs. Also noteworthy is the fact that the project prepared for and successfully made it through Hurricane Sandy without major issues, resulting in a project restart within 2-3 days of gaining site access after the storm.”

“…the UOP Rutherford project involved great coordination, cooperation, and communications amongst the contractors to yield successful, safe, and sustainable results.”

Sam Visnic, CHMM UOP Rutherford Non-Time
Critical Removal Action Project

“I want to thank you for assembling such a fantastic team of staff to implement the soil cleanup on the non-public properties of Newhall Street Neighborhood site in Hamden, Connecticut – the largest cleanup effort in the State’s history.”

“Your team navigated through countless obstacles to achieve positive outcomes…”

“…I sincerely appreciate the outstanding efforts taken by each member of your team, and am very proud of the work they performed…”

Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
Ray Frigon

Sevenson…worked well in a cooperative manner with the entire team…Sevenson provided added value by suggesting changes in the approach that allowed us to…accelerate the schedule, completing the project in less than 2.5 years instead of the originally planned 5 years. These changes and others recommended by Sevenson provided significant savings to the project.

AMEC Environmental & Infrastructure
Nelson Walter, PE, LEP, LSP, PMP
Project Manager

Olin Corporation
David M. Share, P.E.
Director of Environmental Remediation

Cecil County Government
W. Scott Flanigan, P.E. Department of Public Works, Elkton, MD
Director of Public Works

Contractor performance ratings are based on…the following work categories: environment, health and safety, quality, timeliness, administration and conduct of work. This information may be based upon reports by individuals who are responsible for overseeing your work…Performance ratings are measured on a scale of 1.0 (poor) to 5.0 (excellent) with a rating of 3.0 being satisfactory. Based on the factors available and taken into consideration, your current performance rating is 4.33.

Consolidated Edison Company of Gary Govenanti New York, Inc. Contractor Performance

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Dan Noble Baltimore District
Project Manager

Rick Robinson, EPA Region 2

Shawn Andrews, USACE SLDA Health Physicist

Chief-NY/PA Construction, CELRB

Sevenson exhibited high quality workmanship throughout the project. Sevenson implemented an extensive Quality Control (QC) System to address this complex project. …The Sevenson on-site and home office management staffs were superb. …The entire Sevenson project team was professional in every way.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Douglas M. Anderson, Administrative Contracting Officer Indiana Harbor and Canal Cutoff Wall

Gerald DiPaola, CELRB COR

Rooted in Remedial Construction
Expanded into Environmental Dredging

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