Hatheway and Patterson Superfund Site


Location Mansfield, Massachusetts
Contract Value $12,500,000
Period of Performance July 2009 – January 2011
Role Prime Contractor

Significant Project Features

  • Preparation of project work plans
  • Site investigation includes test pit excavations, soil boring, and soil sampling to characterize site soils and debris
  • Installation of steel sheet piling to protect railroad and Rumford River which were adjacent to excavation area
  • Site demolition including building, bridge, asphalt, concrete, and underground storage tanks
  • Bridge rehabilitation
  • Transportation and disposal of approximately 40,000 tons of contaminated soil and debris
  • Air monitoring
  • Site restoration included wetland buffer zone restoration; backfill; topsoil and hydroseeding; parking lot construction; and permanent fencing
  • The Hatheway and Patterson Superfund Clean Up Team received the 2011 National Notable Achievement Award for Superfund Reuse-Revitalization for Region 1 (New England). The award reflects the highest level of performance in support of the office of solid wastes and emergency response and the EPA’s most significant priorities

History & Location Details

Hatheway and Patterson Company (HPC) is a former wood preserving facility located in a mixed residential and industrial area in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The HPC property comprises approximately 40 acres. The property is roughly divided in half by the Rumford River and by a railroad track right-of-way. The HPC was listed on the NPL because releases of dioxins, furans, and phenols from the facility to the Rumford River have impacted fisheries and wetlands, and releases of arsenic, chromium, copper, phenols, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to ground water pose a threat to nearby municipal and private drinking water wells.  Funding for the Hatheway and Patterson Superfund site was provided via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), and a 10% cost share provided by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.  The work was managed for USEPA by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The Corps of Engineers selected Sevenson to perform the cleanup work based upon a competitive proposal.

Project Description

Sevenson was contracted to execute the work at the Hatheway and Patterson Superfund Site under its Preplaced Remedial Action Contract (PRAC) with the New England District United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Work began in the summer of 2009 with the preparation of construction work plans, remedial designs, and a supplemental site investigation to determine the extents and levels of contamination.  Test pits were excavated and geoprobe investigations were performed to collect and analyze soil samples. During the site investigation site preparation activities were ongoing.  This included clearing and grubbing, installation of erosion control features, monitoring well abandonment, demolition of site structures and removal and rehabilitation of onsite bridges crossing the Rumford River. Steel sheet piling was installed to protect the railroad and Rumford River during excavation activities.

Surface concrete and asphalt was sampled, and recycled off site for beneficial reuse.  Analytical data from soil sampling was reviewed and used to determine the final disposition of the waste.  All soils were transported for disposal at a Subtitle C landfill. A total of 40,000 tons of soils were excavated and loaded into trucks and hauled off site.

The trucks delivered the material to a transload facility where the materials were transferred into railcars and then transported to its final destination for disposal. Six steel underground storage tanks were removed during the excavation activities. The tanks were cleaned and then sized for transportation to a recycling facility. Tank contents were analyzed and then disposed of at approved facilities.

Upon completion of excavation activities, the site was restored. Restoration included backfilling, placement of topsoil and hydroseed, site drainage and lighting, gravel parking areas, asphalt parking areas, perimeter fencing, and wetland buffer zone restoration. New monitoring wells were installed to perform long term monitoring at the site.

Rooted in Remedial Construction
Expanded into Environmental Dredging

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