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Working with clients to implement a variety of services at homes and commercial buildings in urban and suburban settings

Sevenson has extensive experience performing remediation services in residential areas. Remedial services—such as excavation, waste characterization, transportation and disposal, and restoration services—are typical operations Sevenson performs in and around single and multifamily residences.

Sevenson understands the core principles and practices for working with the owners and residents of affected properties. Sevenson works with clients to develop and implement rigorous reporting protocols; establishes clear lines of communication; and participates in public meetings, open houses, and other forums. Starting at the early stages of remediation, Sevenson’s project team responds to the community’s questions and concerns about the project. When effective communication exists between the various stakeholders and Sevenson’s project team, work proceeds smoothly and is completed satisfactorily to all.

Site restoration is a critically important component of residential remediation. Sevenson ensures that local neighborhoods impacted by hazardous waste removal operations are fully restored to pre-project conditions. Common restoration work includes placing clean backfill material; applying fresh topsoil, seed, and/or sod; vegetal plantings and ground covers; utility replacement; roadway paving; driveway and sidewalk repairs; and other landscape rehabilitation activities. Sevenson has successfully remediated over two thousand residential properties, including:

  • Montclair/U.S. Radium Superfund Site; Montclair, Glen Ridge, West Orange, NJ – 500 properties
  • Newhall Street Neighborhood Non-Public Properties; Hamden, CT – 300 properties
  • Federal Creosote Superfund Site; Manville, NJ – 100 properties
  • Cabot Koppers Superfund Site (Phase 1) Residential Remediation; Gainesville, FL – 93 properties

Health & Safety is our primary concern at Sevenson

We have successfully developed and implemented site specific health and safety plans since 1979. With a staff that includes 30 full-time Health and Safety Officers that include CHST’s and OHST’s, our Site Safety and Health Officers average 14 years of service.

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