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Performing state-of-the-art biological, solidification/stabilization and dewatering treatability studies

Since 1989, Sevenson has performed in-house treatability studies at its state-of-the-art environmental laboratory. With extensive chemical and biological expertise in hazardous waste remediation science, Sevenson’s lab staff develops new treatment techniques and reviews proposed treatment methodologies. These treatment methods are regularly incorporated into full-scale applications at active remediation sites managed by Sevenson.

Through treatability studies, project schedules may be condensed at reduced costs as well as enable Sevenson to engineer complete dredging, dewatering, wastewater treatment, and stabilization/solidification systems. Components of the treatability study include the following evaluations:


  • Demonstrates capacity to treat waste
  • Often suitable for full-scale budget estimates
  • Letter summarizing study result is the standard reporting mechanism


  • Optimizes a treatment process to representative site samples
  • Typically satisfies regulatory agency, client, and consultant concerns regarding technology’s capacity to effectively treat site material
  • Utilizes USEPA QA/QC Level II analytical procedures
  • Allows for full-scale bid estimating
  • Variety of available reporting formats


  • Replicates optimized bench-scale process results on enlarged sample quantity
  • Further addresses client, consultant, and/or regulatory agency needs
  • Variety of reporting formats available


  • Conducted on the site with down-scaled processing equipment
  • Helpful for evaluating customized material handling methods for varied waste consistencies and characteristics
  • Useful in gaining regulatory acceptance of the process
  • May be required for large-scale projects
  • Not recommended for small- to mid-size projects due to cost considerations
  • Not required for Sevenson to develop full-scale cost proposals
  • Full-scale optimization is generally preferred over pilot-scale studies

Health & Safety is our primary concern at Sevenson

We have successfully developed and implemented site specific health and safety plans since 1979. With a staff that includes 30 full-time Health and Safety Officers that include CHST’s and OHST’s, our Site Safety and Health Officers average 14 years of service.

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