Environmental Dredging

Sevenson is the only pure remedial construction firm to successfully transition into environmental dredging. Transition began in 1993 at the Marathon Battery Superfund Site, Cold Springs, N.Y. Marathon Battery was the first large-scale Superfund site sediment dredging project.

Sevenson owns and operates a full complement of dredges, pumps, filtration tanks, filter presses, centrifuges, and related support equipment, successfully dredging sediments from rivers, lakes, creeks, coves, marshes,
waste ponds, and pits.

Sevenson has continued to work on some of the nation’s most visible sediment sites. These include:  Hudson River, St. Lawrence River, Willamette River, Ohio River, Grasse River, Housatonic River, Hackensack River, Christina River, Pawtuxet River, Grand Calumet River, Raisin River, Menominee River, Saranac River, Emory River, Sheboygan Harbor and River, New Bedford Harbor and Gowanus Canal.

Sevenson operates a state-of-the-art treatability study lab that aids in the development of our approaches to sediment treatment and processing.

Sevenson's capabilities and experience includes mechanical dredging, hydraulic dredging, cutterhead dredging, horizontal auger dredging and excavation in the dry.
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Sevenson uses several different capping approaches depending on project specifications, project location, water depths and environmental factors and cap material type.
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Sevenson works with restoration experts to design, permit, implement and monitor habitat restoration which comply with permit and plan requirements.
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Sevenson offers construction, operation and maintenance of temporary and permanent water and wastewater treatment plants/facilities.
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We have successfully developed and implemented site specific health and safety plans since 1979. With a staff that includes 30 full-time Health and Safety Officers that include CHST’s and OHST’s, our Site Safety and Health Officers average 14 years of service.

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