Remedial Construction

Sevenson is the recognized leader in remedial construction. We consistently deliver best in class services to our customers.

This general construction background enables Sevenson to look at a particular site remediation project from a practical, operations-oriented point of view. This often leads to ideas for cost savings through modest changes in the project plan which can yield significant results. As a hands-on contractor, Sevenson prefers the greater operational control of performing a project with its own forces as opposed to using subcontractors. Consistent with this policy, Sevenson owns and maintains its own fleet of traditional and specialty construction and marine equipment.

Benchmark in the industry since the
Love Canal dominated headlines in 1978

Completed 1,500 projects
including 141 Superfund sites

Over $5.3 billion in revenue

Keenly aware of the regulatory issues
governing environmental projects

Proponent of the Partnering Approach
to executing work

Remedial Construction

  • Excavation and earthwork, including landfill construction and closure
  • Hazardous, toxic, and radiological waste materials handling, processing and treatment
  • Innovative and traditional steel sheeting systems
  • Sludge solidification and soils stabilization
  • Chemical treatment/heavy metals fixation
  • Slurry wall and trench construction
  • Collection, recover, and treatment systems construction
  • Facilities decontamination and demolition
  • Temporary and mobile water treatment systems design, construction and O+M
  • Constructability review during the design phase

Environmental Dredging

  • Sediment remediation
  • Hydraulic and mechanical dredging
  • Dewatering and volume reduction (liquids/solids separation)
  • Temporary and mobile water treatment systems design, construction and O+M
  • Capping and armoring
  • Habitat restoration
  • Constructability review during the design phase
Completed hundreds of environmental projects requiring removal actions, landfill construction and closures, and material handling and processing.
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MAECTITE® chemical treatment is a treatment process to chemically fixate heavy metals.
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Experienced in a wide variety of reagents including fly ash, cement, cement kiln dust, pozzalime and combinations of products, to achieve acceptable results and meet approved criteria per specifications.
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Sevenson installs steel sheeting systems for a variety of applications and site conditions.
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We have successfully developed and implemented site specific health and safety plans since 1979. With a staff that includes 30 full-time Health and Safety Officers that include CHST’s and OHST’s, our Site Safety and Health Officers average 14 years of service.

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