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Sevenson Knows How to Effectively Control Site Odors and Emissions to Keep Jobsite Personnel and the Community Safe

Odor and Vapor control is critical to maintain an uninterrupted flow of work and to keep the community protected, especially in urban areas. Sevenson has successfully deployed numerous methods to help our environmental remediation projects succeed un der our client’s and the regulatory communities’ stringent performance objectives.

Temporary Fabric Structures (TFS)

Sevenson has performed over 20 MGP remediation projects utilizing TFS coupled with a Vapor Management System (i.e., frequent air exchange within the TFS with treatment using vapor phase carbon); they are often required to control odor and limit public visibility as work is performed near the community.

Odor Suppressant Foam

On our Harrison Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Project, one of the largest In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS) MGP remediation projects completed in the United States to date, Sevenson controlled odors and emissions using over 370,000 gallons of RUSMAR odor suppressant foam (short and long term) and over 82,000 gallons of SLSUPER odor neutralizing agent. As a result of Sevenson’s efforts, the project was completed prior to scheduled completion dates with no odor complaints from the community or regulators.

Sevenson’s ability to manage odors and emissions safely, effectively, and efficiently, as demonstrated by the examples above, includes any or all of the following approaches, depending on project conditions:

  • Use of a Vapor Management System to control emissions with a TFS
  • Minimizing the footprint of remediation areas by removing clean, or non-odorous overburden soils “just in advance” of remediation activities
  • Using foams and other odor control materials as needed in the following fashion:
  • Apply odor control foam to active surfaces of the excavation
  • Apply long-duration odor control foam during inactive periods, such as overnights and weekends
  • Apply foam to the excavator arm/bucket during loading of odiferous soil and prior to tarping
  • Cover impacted or stained debris with tarps or poly sheeting
  • Backfill approved remediation areas with clean fill as soon as possible