Sevenson's ENR ranking

In July 2021, the DuPont Chambers Works FUSRAP site, managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Philadelphia District with Sevenson as the prime contractor, received the USACE’s Project Delivery Team of the Year Award for Excellence.

The Dupont Chambers Works FUSRAP Project is truly a testament to the outstanding support and collaborative efforts of Sevenson Environmental Services,” stated LTC Ramon Brigantti, Commanding Officer of USACE Philadelphia, at the recent ceremony. “The co-operative work of the Sevenson team has resulted in great progress towards achieving the overall USACE project goals for remediating the radiological contamination at the site and creating new and better processes for the FUSRAP program.” He continued, “This is especially evident with the rapid integration of on-site test results with the GIS capabilities, allowing for streamlined identification of new areas of contamination … Combining these assets with the most important item, which is accomplishing the mission while maintaining an outstanding project safety record on a site with truly complex challenges. It is a great foundation for continued project success. Nearly 1000 days without a lost time accident at this site is a great success by itself.”