2014 top environmental news story: Onondaga Lake cleanup

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Syracuse.com – The cleanup of Onondaga Lake has been one of the top environmental stories in Central New York nearly every year for decades — but this year (2014) it was good news that brought the lake to the top of the list.

It is our pick for the top environmental story of 2014.

Onondaga Lake cleanup hits milestones. Honeywell finished the dredging of 2.2 million cubic yards of lake bottom in November, a year ahead of the schedule set in 2012. The dredging was the most visible part of the decades long, multi-phase cleanup, much of which will continue for years. Onondaga County also met court-ordered deadlines to reduce sewage leaking into the lake through the Metro treatment plant. County officials said Onondaga Lake was cleaner than some Finger Lakes.

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