Sevenson Environmental Services ranks high among environmental firms

10 31 12The Engineering News-Record has ranked Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., forty-second on its list of The Top 200 Environmental Firms.

“This high ranking reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality hazardous material remediation services to our customers,” said Michael E. Elia, president and chief executive officer of Sevenson. “Every day, on every job, our employees can be counted on to be reliable, competent and trustworthy.”

According to ENR, “The Top 200 Environmental Firms managed to grow revenue in 2011 despite economic uncertainties around the world and tightening infrastructure budgets in the public sector, traditionally a mainstay for this group. But where one window closed, a door opened for providers of environmental services on the 2012 list. Overall revenue was up 5%, to $54.1 billion, a slower rise than the 6.2% of the previous year but buoyed by increases in non-U.S. work and private-sector activity, which each exceeded 20%.”
Sevenson also ranked 14th among firms in the hazardous waste market. Sevenson’s 2011 revenues were $257.5

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