Sevenson's ENR ranking

In a truly unprecedented and trying time, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. has shown once again an ability to stay the course and perform at the very top level of its industry sector.

For another year, Engineering News Record has just published its list of the Top 400 Contractors in the World and with it, Sevenson finds itself on the list of all contractors (number 355) and in the Top 5 (number 4) for the Hazardous Waste Sector. Moreover, we are proud to have been on the Hazardous Waste list for nearly 20 years and counting.

Our CEO, Alan R. Elia Jr., was quoted forecasting trends across the industry: “On the federal side, we see more regulations that allow government agencies to receive small-business credit. On the private side, we see a renewed push for liability transfer, and contractors and A&E firms taking “ownership.””

We are extremely proud of this continued achievement! As normalcy sets back in, Sevenson is primed to maintain its position as a top contractor in 2021.