Sevenson Employees Receive “GM Life Saving Award”

GM Life Saving Award-Given to Sevenson employees: Chris Money, Chyrese Gill-Arellano, Robert Jones Jr, and David Morgan.

SES has been working as a contractor for GM Remediation at Bedford as part of landfill maintenance.

SES had a workers walking the landfill during mowing/erosion control activities looking for drainages. At lunch time the worker’s team waited for him to use the portable toilet, When he did not reappear after a short time Chris Money checked with him to see if he was okay – he did not respond but gurgling was heard. The team forced the door open and he fell out unconscious and not breathing, pulse thready, lips blue. Immediately Chris called the H&S Officer (HSO), and the Superintendent on 2 way radio.

Chyrese Gill-Arellano (laborer but trained in CPR in previous job as nurses aid), Robert Jones (operator trained as medic in military) and David Morgan (HSO)  responded within a few minutes. While Chyrese and Chris initiated CPR, assisted by Robert, David contacted GM Security and the paramedics who arrived within 10 minutes. Within a few minutes the individual started breathing and, when rolled on his side, he regained consciousness.

Quick Thinking From SES Team Saved A Life!

Chris Money, Chyrese Gill-Arellano, Robert Jones, and David Morgan  showed:

-Concern and caring about their fellow worker (checking on him when there was no response)

-They showed good quick communication to the right people

-Willingness to respond immediately and showed no fear in beginning life saving activities, although not their normal job, and in an instance where many would have waited for assistance from Security and paramedics

These actions demonstrate GM SAFETY culture – its personal, own it!


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